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A very long time ago, at the site of a sacred Indian burial ground, was the
Garden of Happiness. In the Garden magical fountains flowed giving eternal
youth to all that bathed in their sparkling waters. The Natives of the garden
existed in peace and prosperity, living as equals amongst each other and using
the magical powers of the Garden for the good of all.                                        

But then came the time of troubles... With weapons in hand, vile Invaders from
the North marched in, destroying everything in their wake. Soon the times of
peace and plenty were all but forgotten. But as the years, a resistance was
organized and the land of the Natives was eventually liberated. After a few
decades, the invasion itself became nothing more than a page in their history.
However, the Garden of Happiness had been lost forever.                                 

The Present:

The Garden of Happiness and its ellusive location is now seemingly little more
than a mythical legend. Some say the Barbarians who had conquered the land erased
it from the face of the Earth. Others belived the Invaders uprooted the garden and
transported its magics to their homelands up North. Still others insisted in perished
in the harsh winter frosts that swept the nation in the years that followed. Those that
believed the Invaders had stolen the garden claimed they used it to feed their vile
dragons in their underground lairs of fire, using the magic powers to fuel their fiery
breaths of death and destruction.                                                                             

The great warrior Montezooma set forth to rediscover the Garden of Happiness. For many
years, he was their champion: The bravest, the quickest, the strongest and the most clever.
Yet, in the previous year's competition, many of the young warriors dared to challenge him
in an effort to assume his covted rank.                                                                                   

Even Montezooma cannot stop the sands of time, and soon his aging form will fall to one of
the challengers. As he turns over these facts in his mind, he keeps returning to the legend
of the Garden of Happiness. If only he can find it and bathe in the mythical waters, he will
be restored and reign eternal as the One True Champion. Peace and prosperity will return
to his people. The more he thinks, the more iron his resolve becomes                                 

-=He MUST find the Garden of Happiness=-

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